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Sabah MP heads JCI Malaysia Senate

August 20, 2011


SABAH Member of Parliament for Putatan Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh was elected new chairman of the Jaycees Malaysia Senate Association (JMSA) at its annual general meeting held at the Runway Cafe at Tanjung Aru, a town close to Kota Kinabalu City on Aug 20.

It was attended by JCI Senators from Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsula Malaysia as well as past presidents and officials of JCI chapters from Penampang, Kota Kinabalu, Kudat and the Intan.

JCI Senator Mojigoh, who has had a long association with the Jaycees movement since youth and has served on the board of the JMSA for over ten years, takes over for a two-year term from out-going chairman, JCI Senator Thomas Tieng from Sibu, Sarawak.

Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh, the newly elected chairman of the JCI Senate Association of Malaysia, addresses JCI Senators at the AGM held at the Runway Café, at Tanjung Aru Aug 20, 2011. With him are (from left): out-going secretary JCI Senator Chin Jun Na and out-going chairman JCI Senator Thomas Tieng, both from Sibu; and JCI Senator Wilson Yek from Tawau, one of the newly elected board members for 2011-2013.

Mojigoh told a press conference after the AGM that this election was historic. He is the first native from the Kadazandusun community to hold the post.

The Putatan MP said he had graduated from the JCI movement that had given him all the necessary training to be competent in business and politics.

The organisation had helped him, he said, in terms of management in business, community and personal development and had enabled him to get involved in social community work as well.

“The JCI organization serves as a model for the young and we shall try to disseminate this to the young not only those within the Jaycees organisation but those outside too.”

He lamented the fact that there is a lack of participation by natives in the Junior Chamber International (JCI) movement.

He made the observation that the Malaysian Prime Minister who is also the Finance Minister had never failed to appeal to Malaysians to get involved with non-government organizations (NGOs) like the Jaycees each year in his budget speech.

JCI Senator Michael Muniandy from Kudat introduces himself at the AGM. With him are (from left) JCI Senator Anthony Ng, JCI Senator Junior Pang and JCI Senator John Soon.

Mojigoh expressed the hope that youth in Malaysia would take heed of this call and get involved in the Jaycees and other voluntary bodies and NGOs as they would be able to get leadership training to become future leaders of the nation.

He praised JCI chapters in Sabah for having carried out many community service projects in the past, citing the example of the ‘Say No to Shark Fins’ campaign by the JCI Tanjung Aru.

He disclosed that the Tanjung Aru chapter is hosting this year’s annual national convention (ANC) of JCI Malaysia to be held at the Pacific Sutera hotel in Kota Kinabalu Oct 13-15.

Jaycee Felix Tan, the convention director from Tanjung Aru had earlier briefed the JCI Senators at the close of their AGM that so far a total of 430 JCI officials from all overMalaysiahad registered for the ANC and he expects the number of participants to rise to 500.

Mojigoh, the new chairman of the JMSA said he and other members of the new board would formally take their oath of office at a ‘Senators Night’ on Oct 14 in conjunction with the ANC.

When asked what his new plans and projects are for the association for the next two years, he said they would be drawn up later after consultation with his board members.

JCI Senator Marcus Mojigoh (centre) speaks to the media after being elected new chairman of the JMSA flanked by new vice chairman JCI Senator Benny Low from Kuala Lumpur on his right and out-going chairman JCI Senator Thomas Tieng from Sibu.

One area he would work on, he said, was to re-establish relationship with the Jaycees Senate Association in the Philippines with whom the JMSA had close ties in the past.

He also announced that the JCI Penampang is making a bid for the hosting of the JCI Asia Pacific Annual Convention (ASPAC) in 2013 in Kota Kinabalu.

The MP expressed the hope that the state and federal governments would give financial support for the hosting of this regional conference inSabahas this event would bring economic benefits to the country.

In congratulating JCI Senator Mojigoh at the close of the AGM, the out-going chairman JCI Senator Tieng expressed confidence in his successor, saying “We know he can deliver as he has proven his capability in business and in politics.”

Tieng believed that the new chairman is a capable leader and that better times are ahead for the association.

Other key office-bearers of the JMSA board for 2011-2013 are: JCI Senator Benny Low from Kuala Lumpur, vice chairman; JCI Senator B B Tan of Sabah, secretary; JCI Senator Richard Shak from Penampang, treasurer; and JCI Senator Thomas Tieng, the immediate past chairman.

JCI Senators joined by Jaycee officials from Tanjung Aru, Penampang, Kota Kinabalu and Intan at the 2011 AGM.

Other members of the board shall include: JCI Senator Paul Kong from Kuching; JCI Senator Lau Lee Kiau from Peninsular Malaysia; JCI Senator Wilson Yek from Tawau and JCI Senator Li Yo Wei from Kota Kinabalu; and JCI Senator Clarence Chin from Tanjung Aru.

Among JCI Senators present at the AGM were: Datuk Junior Y S Pang, Ching Kah Ting, Henry Chok, John Soon Phin Chen, Anthony Ng, Albert S L Chan, and Joseph Leong Sai Ho, a past president of Kota Kinabalu Jaycees (1970).

Also there at the AGM and the dinner that followed was JCI Senator Michael Muniandy who came all the way from Kudat, at the Tip of Borneo.

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    Thanks Patricia. Yes, have tried hard to avoid Manglish.
    Still green with the New Media, learning day by day and enjoying it!

  2. Patricia Says:

    Congrats to Datuk Marcus and his team!

  3. Adeline Leong Says:

    Thanks Joe for sharing with us.
    Congratulations to Datuk Marcus and his team.
    Sorry could not attend as I was in Tawau that day.

  4. Benny Low Says:

    Thanks for your write up on our AGM.
    Keep up your excellent work.
    Best regards & God Bless.

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